Many Mandos & Mystery Guests

Burgundy CT-95 ovalhole

Black G95 ovalhole

Blueburst G110 back

Satin Chocolate G110 back

2 G5's, a CT110, a G110, Jethro & Jethrine

Gorgeous Tobacco Jethro back!

? & The G5

? & The G5

? & The G5

Mirror Image A+Deluxes

Satin Oval A+Deluxe in the spraybooth

Birdseye CT110 back

Birdseye CT110 neck

E110- a rare bird!

Seafoam Green A+Deluxe....

....finished to match the owner's....

....favorite '50's Chevy truck

Carmel A+Deluxe

Carmel A+Deluxe back

Tobacco R-100

Tobacco & Green Q95 backs

Cream & Green Q95 tops

G110, Jethro, CT110, G5 & The Enterprise

A pair of G5's

Tobacco G5 with The Enterprise

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